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If you are coming to the Liming traditional climbing festival from the 26th to the 28th of October this year please click here to register. There may be around 500 climbers attending this years event!


Welcome to Jun Shan Climber

Liming (黎明) in Laojunshan National park (老君山国家公园) is home to the first substantial collection of traditional rock climbing in China. Situated in Yunnan Province (云南) South China; The climbing here is very similar to the style found in Indian Creek. The rock is sandstone and we now have over 100 routes with development trips running two or three times a year. There is a guide book written by Mike Dobie with English and a Chinese translation by Peipei for free download. Just go to the Guidebook section to download the pdf file.
We have had quite a few visitors this season including Mat Seagull, Geordie from Hong Kong and climbers from Yangshuo and Chengdu. We have been sponsored by Kailas and Black Diamond, who have given us equipment to help with the development here. coloursofdiscovery.com created by Eben Farnworth is the creator and maintainer of this site. The aim being to share experiences for all who visit and climb. Please use the contact form if you have any questions or feed back on the site, the guidebook or the climbing here.